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Julie has been rescuing wildlife and rehabilitating since 1999, She has rescued, rehabilitated, and released tens of thousands over the years, we have established SOAR (South Oklahoma Animal Rescue, Inc.) a non-profit wildlife rescue organization. And gave shelter and veterinary care to tens of thousands of animals. We rescue the animals, and she bears all expenses from her pocket including State and Federal licenses, etc.

Julie’s husband, Gary has assisted from the beginning. Gary a Retired Veteran of both the US Military and Law Enforcement. Holds multiple degrees and after his years of service, Gary began to assist with wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Gary daily operates a small homestead and has established a homestead database,, he currently owns and operates. He assists in the operation and building of facilities to give Wildlife a temporary and/or final homes. Gary is a licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator through the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and has assisted thousands of home and property owners with their Wildlife Removal needs.


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