Bobcat Rehabilitation

Bobcat Rehabilitation

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Bobcat Rehabilitation

Wild animals are being rescued and rehabilitated in many countries around the world. These animals may be the small ones or the large ones. Wild animals are very wild as they might never have any contact with humans before. Cats are known for their outstanding predator skills. Cat family is very large and secure their families at every moment. Most cats hunt the pray and fulfill their food requirements. Bobcat is a wild animal which belongs from the cat family and mostly bobcat lives in dark forests and away from the residential areas in Oklahoma. So there are many reasons that bobcat can be injured and how to rehabilitate them when found. In Oklahoma, there is a structured way to rehabilitate bobcats.

What to do when you see an injured bobcat?

When you see an injured bobcat then you should call the nearby animal control or humane society and inform them about the whole situation accurately. Keep a safe distance from the bobcat as they are many dangers when they are injured or frightened. Always keep an eye on the injured bobcat so that unless the rescue team doesn’t arrive you can tell them where it is? Give your contact information to the rehabilitators so that they can reach you as soon as possible. If an injured bobcat moves off or tries to go away from you then, do not follow it as a grown bobcat is capable of killing an adult deer so, you should maintain a distance from it. If the cat is in very severe condition and unable to move and bleeding constantly then what you need to do is, try to put the bandage on the wounds so that bleeding can be stopped. Cover the bobcat carefully in some warm clothes so that its body can get warmer and able to cure the wounds. While doing all this keep a safe distance from it.

There can be the following reasons for bobcat getting injured,

  • it can fall from the tree or some height and get injured
  • it can get injured by fighting with another bobcat
  • it can get injured while hunting another wild animal

So first of all the rehabilitators must have the proper knowledge and training that how to rehabilitate the bobcat because they are much wild and try to attack the humans when they are injured and frightened. So, proper primary precautions must be followed unless the rescue team doesn’t arrive at your doorstep. And when you see an injured bobcat then always try to contact the licensed rehabilitators because there are plenty of rehabilitators in Oklahoma that don’t have proper training and license. So when it is sent to the nearby rehabilitator center then they should meet all the requirements that are needed to rescue and rehabilitate the bobcat. Within 72 hours of acquisition, the bobcat must be seen by a veterinarian that is familiar with and willing to work with the species. So a proper medical treatment must be done. The bobcat must be treated for internal as well as external parasites.

Environment requirements:

The bobcat must be housed in the outdoor enclosure that presents the natural environment with sufficient exercises and hiding space as well. There must be a double door entrance in the enclosure and the doors must be locked. In Oklahoma there can be found injured bobcats so after their medical treatment they should be kept in the enclosure having at least eight feet wide, twelve feet long, and six feet high. The enclosure must be covered from the weather and it must receive sunshine as well so that you can give a proper natural environment as much as possible. Rehabilitators must provide proper fresh trees and vegetation for climbing and keep changing the vegetation when it losses the freshness.

Health and diet:

A daily check must be done to keep a record of the bobcat’s health progress. It must include the food intake, medications, appearance, and behavior. This check and balance will keep on informing us of the progress of the health of the bobcat. Newborn bobcat should be given bottle after every three hours and it gets change according to the weight. Dead mouse or the chicken must be offered to the adult bobcat. Keep the record of the eaten food and the food is left. Diet should be soft so that it can eat and digest easily.


So over time bobcat must be able to hunt its food. And when you feel it can hunt for itself and able to release then you should release the bobcat in the morning time or at dusk. After rehabilitation, you must release it within the three miles radius where it was found. Keep an eye after releasing for some moments and then it is free to live its life.

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