Opossums Rescued Oklahoma

Opossum Rescue and Rehabilitation

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Opossum Rescue Oklahoma

The opossum is a really small creature that can be found in Oklahoma. They look like rats and have small hairs on them. They always live with their families until they become adults to hunt for themselves. Young babies are generally born in the spring season and their parents take care of them. So the question is here that

Is it an orphan opossum?

Well, many opossums become orphans after their mother is being killed. Another opossum becomes an orphan when they fall from their mother’s back while moving or somehow are separated from their mother. Another opossum that is injured, sick, or too young to be on their own needs immediate assistance of the rehabilitators. Most of the time they are left alone and they don’t know what to eat and what to do. Injured, sick opossums who are not able to move to need a rehabilitator, and when you find an injured or sick opossum, you must contact a nearby Animal rescue center or Animal emergency services. If you are unable to contact them, you must take a step forward and rehabilitate them.

Rescue Requirements:

If the adult opossum is found then you should check the surrounding area. There may be more around. While watching all this, be very quiet and listen to the “sneezing” sounds the adults made to call the parents. You should first call the nearby animal rescue and if it doesn’t happen then you should take care of an orphan or injured opossum temporarily.

Feeding procedure of an Orphan opossum from baby to adult:

If they are very small and less than 4” from nose to rump then you should keep them warm by placing soft clothes or recycled fur around them. Do not put them directly against the heat. Do not offer them cow’s milk. Instead of that, you can offer Pedialyte diluted 1:2 with Luke warm water for the first two feedings that will hydrate it. Then introduce Puppy mile substitute for the next 24 hours with a dropper or syringe. Infants should be stimulated to eliminate either before or after feeding. You can do it by gently rubbing the genital area with a moistened cotton ball.

When they start adopting the things then you should offer them water in a shallow bowl. Some opossum still needs hand feeding so you should feed them accordingly. These diets are only temporary and you cannot learn the whole feeding procedure on the internet because conditions vary with the state and for that, you can consult a veterinarian in Oklahoma.

 Injured Opossum:

If you find an injured Opossum then contact the local wildlife rehabilitator. First of all, confirm that is it dead or “playing possum”. It is the trick they use when they feel themselves in danger. They become comatose and acts like they are dead. It can play possum for 3-4 hours and meanwhile, opossum lies on its side, the eyes glaze over, the opossum drools, the tongue lolls outside of the mouth. It helps to protect them from the attack of predators. So once you are confirmed that it’s not dead but injured, you must put on the gloves and provide the first aid by contacting the local veterinarian in Oklahoma.

Afterward, you can call the veterinarian and have his assistance regarding the medical treatment. Once you see that treatment is done then you must do the further requirements that are very important for its survival


  • First of all, put it into the small box and place a heating pad, soft recycled fur, and clothes around it. Make the opossum warm first.
  • Then leave that area and leave the opossum alone so that it can move and feel comfortable.
  • Feed the opossum after every 3-4 hours a day.
  • Always put the gloves before feeding or cleaning the box because it can hurt itself by getting afraid when you are nearby.
  • When you see that its growth and health is good and growing healthy then shift it in the big enclosure which must have enough vegetation.
  • Watch the progress of opossum on daily basis and you can analyze it easily.
  • Hold it in one hand, feet down and close to your body, and allow him to hide his head between your palm and your body,

What to do?

  1. Narrow the animal in a box or cage to stop its further injury. They do by running away from us.
  2. Protect yourself because an injured opossum can bite you.
  3. Contact the nearby licensed wildlife rehabilitator and until they arrive keep them hydrated.
  4. When there is no sign of a rehabilitator then follow the above instructions and try to rehabilitate them with the help of a local veterinarian in Oklahoma.
  5. Try to provide them a natural environment full of vegetation and a source of water so that they can move easily.


As we all know that they are very innocent and cute animals and they should get a release from the cage. When you see that they are doing their normal activities and are active enough to move into the wildlife then you should release them in the 2-3 miles of area where you found them. This will help them to find their own family.

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