Rabbit Rescue Oklahoma

Rabbit Rescue and Rehabilitation

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Rabbit Rescue Oklahoma

Wildlife is very tough and only the stronger ones survive there. Hunters themselves become the prey of others. Hundreds and thousands of species try to make their survival possible and live accordingly. Those animals who cannot protect themselves from predators tend to live on the trees or in the underground holes so that they can stay protected. Rabbits are very sharp and they tend to live in large families. Their big family size supports them in staying protected. Just before the baby’s birth, the female prepares an underground nest. The babies are not born with fur but it comes with time. It has been recorded that the mother returns for the care of young babies when the nest gets disturbed or the mother abandons the adult rabbits when they create a disturbance. In Oklahoma, we ask the people to stay away from the nest for at least 24 hours. If the babies are warm and healthy then their mother will be around. If they feel cold and dehydrated then it’s time to step forward and take them to the rehabilitator.

What to do when you find an abandoned rabbit:

When you find an abandoned rabbit then first of all check their temperature. A rabbit’s normal temperature is higher than humans. If they are not warm enough then try to make them warm. Take a wooden box and place some soft towels and clothes. Then place the rabbit into the box and put a heating pad under the rabbit. If their skin is the tent and they appear weak then it may be possible that they are dehydrated. If their temperature gets normal then give them just a few drops of hydrated solution after every 15 minutes. You can make a solution by yourself. Mae a solution by adding 1 teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of sugar and warm water. When they are hydrated and their temperature is normal then make the arrangements of their housing and food schedule.

If you find an injured rabbit, first try to contact the nearby licensed Animal Rescue in Oklahoma. If they arrive then handle them carefully and if they don’t then, call a veterinary and ask about the first aid. Follow the instruction and then put thick gloves and handle the injured rabbit carefully and place it into the small box. Give the prescribed medicines and treatment and when you feel that it’s getting normal and its condition is getting better then make a proper plan for the housing and food.


As we know that the weather of Oklahoma is cold so we should make the housing plan accordingly. If the rabbit’s eyes have not yet opened, put it into the small box and place the soft towel or newspaper inside the box. The best substitute will be the sweatshirt from the fabric store because it will help the baby rabbit to stay warm. The sides of the box must be high because even baby rabbits can jump very high. Place that box in a dark and quiet place. Place a heating pad beside the baby rabbits. You can also use the 60-watt bulb and place it at one end and keep on checking that if the bulb is keeping them warm or not.

Remove the heating pad when the bunnies are furred and start eating on their own. Feed the adult rabbits with fresh leaves of plants and clean the box twice a day. Provide them a natural environment so that they can feel comfortable.


Feed the newborn babies with the dropper or syringe. You can also use the pet-nurser bottle but it all depends on their size and age. It is mostly recommended that they should be fed after every 3-4 hours a day. Rabbits startle very quickly, so be very careful while you are feeding them. They can injure themselves by jumping from the rehabilitator’s hand. Do not get discouraged if the rabbit does not feed well at the start. Rabbits are very slow in adopting new situations. Gradually, eliminate the formula feeding and let them start eating on their own. Clover, dandelion greens and Queen Anne’s lace should be feeding them twice a day. Always make sure that the food is free from toxic sprays. Never stay thereafter offering the food because they will stop eating when they feel that they are being observed.

Provide it a natural environment in which it can move easily. When you realize that the injured or babies are normal and performing their daily exercises well then they are free to release.


When the rabbits are eating the natural diet and active than, release them from the cage and leave them from where you picked them. Release the rabbits in a location where are a lot of grazing areas and wood areas for shelter. Check the weather forecast before releasing them and wait for a prediction of at least 3 days without rain.

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