Skunk Rescue Oklahoma

Skunk Rescue and Rehabilitation

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Skunk Rescue and Rehabilitation Oklahoma

Rehabilitation and rescue of wildlife animals have always been a special area to focus on but, nobody pays attention to them as much. Hundreds and thousands of animals are killed every year or die due to the carelessness of human communities. Wild animals also need care when they are in problems or suffering from the disease. If you are living in Oklahoma then you might know that how many wild animals get injured, sick, or lost and need rescue and rehabilitation. Wild animals don’t commonly visit the human residential areas but when it happens then there could be a problem. They can come for food or can be found injured or sick.

Now let’s talk about the weasel family (Mustelidae). We are talking about the skunks who tend to den in the hollow logs or shallow burrows. It is very rare to see them more than two miles away from the water source. In urban areas skunks den beneath decks, dumps, buildings, and woodpiles. They can burrow a foot den underground, with well-hidden entrances. They like to live in warm, dense, and dark areas and are mostly found in house basements. Skunks are omnivores and travel for at least 10 miles within their territory looking for small lizards, frogs, birds, fallen fruit, and eggs.

So now we need to see the two things. One is the baby skunk and the other is the adult skunk. We will see that how we can rescue the baby skunk and the adult ones as well. There can be many reasons for rescuing the skunk whether it is an adult or a baby skunk.


  • When homeowners try to remove the adult skunks then babies are left alone and orphan
  • Some people when trying to catch the adult skunk to get rid of them, skunks get injured
  • Their tailor another body part can get injured by hitting a car or cycle
  • They can get stuck in burrows, branches and due to the unavailability they are not able to move

So these are the reasons for getting a skunk injured. In Oklahoma, when you are traveling or somewhere else and you find a skunk who needs to be rescued, be careful and not to create an orphan skunk by accident. Most of the time mother skunks give birth in the spring season. Whenever homeowner calls pest controls and they come and remove the mother skunk and babies are left behind. The best thing is to keep the mother and father with their babies until the babies are not enough to move. When you feel that they have moved out then seal their entrance and exit as well.

What to do if you find a baby skunk?

Whenever you find a baby skunk alone then

  • Always wear gloves for your safety when handling the skunk.
  • When they are aggressive then they shower spray from their tail and they will keep on doing that until they feel that the situation is calm.
  • When you make sure that it needs rescue and if the baby is healthy then wait and watch until evening and wait for the mother. If there is no sign of mother then take it to the nearby licensed Animal Rescue in Oklahoma because it can get injured, or can be stalked by a predator, or can be in danger by wandering on the road.
  • Use a warm and soft cloth or an old t-shirt to handle the baby and keep it warm.
  • Put gloves and place the baby in the ventilated box.
  • Bring that box to the nearby animal rescue so that it can be treated accordingly.
  • If you are finding any difficulty in handling the baby then call the Oklahoma Animal Rescue and wait for them.


What to do if you find an injured or sick adult skunk:

  • First of all when you find an adult skunk in danger then you should call a nearby rescue and wait for the team until it arrives.
  • If it is sick and hungry then you should call the animal care and ask about the diet and medicines. After getting the instructions from the Animal rescue team place the skunk into the ventilated wooden box. Give the prescribed medicines and diet to it. Let it stay alone because they get afraid when humans come near to them. Keep on repeating the process until it starting getting better.
  • Handle them with a thick towel and always try to speak to the skunk in a low voice so that it realizes you are approaching. When you feel that its condition is good and survive into the environment again then release it exactly where you picked.
  • If you find difficulties in handling it then contact the licensed Oklahoma rescue team.
  • If in case you are unable to contact an Animal rescue, call wildlife Emergency services and wait until they arrive.

So above are the actions that you must take when you find an orphan or injured skunk. Every life matters so always try to make efforts for the human and these beautiful animals too.

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